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The Sudan Catholic Bishops' Conference (S.C.B.C.)

The first meeting of the Ordinaries of the Sudan took place in Khartoum, as early as 1929, on the occasion of the visit of Apostolic Delegate for East Africa, residing in Mombasa Kenya); he was H.G. Arthur Hinskey, who in 1935 as appointed Archbishop of  Westminster, and in 1937 was created Cardinal.

In the ‘50s, regular meetings of the Ordinaries were held once or twice a year, in different towns of the Sudan. In December 1974 the local hierarchy was established and a Sudan Episcopal Conference was formed. In 1976 it was finally named Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SCBC), and a General Secretariat was set up in Khartoum.

The revised Statutes were approved by the Holy See in 1989.

In 1997, a Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Regional Conference (SCBRC), with offices in Nairobi, was started to coordinate the church programmes in the areas which cannot be reached from Khartoum. 

The Plenary Assembly of the SCBC is the supreme authority in the Conference, it is convened by the President according to the Constitutions.

The Administrative Board of the SCBC is composed of the President and two elected members, and acts according to the Constitutions.

Episcopal Commissions of the SCBC. “Each Episcopal Commission consists of a Chairman appointed by the Plenary from among the members, a member of experts in the matter entrusted to the commission, and at least one member from each diocese”.

Office Holders. Every three years the Catholic Bishops change the Office holders in the Bishops’ Conference.
For the period 1.01.1999 – 31.12.2001 the offices are assigned as follows:

1 – President of the SCBC
H.G Paolino Lukudu Loro, Archbisop of Juba

2 – Vice President SCBC
H.L. Vincent Mojwok Nyiker, Bishop of Malakal

3- Commission for Pastoral Liturgical Catechetical Matters (PALICA)
H.L. Daniel Adwok Kur, Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum

4 – Commission Aid and Development (SUDANAID)
H.L. Antonio Menegazzo, Administrator Apostolic of El Obeil

5 – Commission for Seminaries
H.G. Gabriel Zubeir Wako, Archbisop of Khartoum

6 – Commission for Means of Social Communications
H.L. Deng Majak Rudolph , Bishop of Wau

7 – Commission for Religious
H.L. Vincent Mojwok Nyiker, Bishop of Malakal

8 – Commission for the Laity
H.L. Daniel Adwok Kur, Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum

9 – Secretary General :
Rev. Fr. Joh Dingi Martin
SCBC General Secretariat, P.O.B. 5011 Khartoum – tel. 249.11.724365 – fax 249.11.724866

10 – Secretary General of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Regional Conference (SCBRC)
Rev. Fr. Damien Adugu
AMECEA Secretariat, P.O. B.21191, Nairobi (Kenya) – tel. 072.513.206 (mobil) 

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