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In every neighborhood, there are people just around the corner crying for help. Will you hear the call and be an instrument of PEACE?


The PEACE Initiative combines the strength of each our foundation offices to bring together doctors, partners and community members along with 18,000 Franciscan Alliance employees to impact those in need. Through a comprehensive giving program, each and every contribution has an impact on the future of communities where our patients and associates live, work, learn and play.


our most vulnerable

communities by providing access to safe, nurturing environments. Gifts to Protect support projects that nurture newborns, help people suffering from depression or grief return to a healthy lifestyle, advocate for seniors, care for sexual assault victims and more. 


Behavioral Health

Center of Hope

Community Health & Wellness

Grace Project

Volunteer Advocates for Seniors & Incapacitated Adults

Women & Children



Helping pregnant women & newborns escape the grasp of drug addiction


your community's access

to state-of-the-art care and specialized services. Gifts to Elevate support programs at the forefront in the fight against cancer; doctors who lead the way in cutting-edge diagnosis and treatments; and medical professionals who provide faith-based, integrated healthcare for our communities.


Cancer Care

Cardiac Care

Innovation Fund

Lynn's Boutique

Neonatal Intensive Care





those disadvantaged

within the healthcare system by removing barriers to quality care. Gifts to Assist support programs that help uninsured and underinsured patients with vouchers for medication, travel or clothing; provide a safety net for families when unexpected emergencies strike; care for the Sisters in our founding religious order and more.


COVID-19 Franciscan Preparedness & Response Fund

Dr. John Lanman Clinic

Employee Emergency Fund

Franciscan Leadership Pilgrimage Fund

Medical Missions

Patient Assistance Fund

Prenatal Assistance Program

Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration Fund

St. Clare Health Clinic




3,715 Patient Encounters in Past Year



those who need it most

by becoming a source of peace, joy and light. Gifts to Comfort console families that have experienced a loss; nurture people in the last moments of their lives; spiritually support our staff and patients and more.


Corporate Mission Fund

Franciscan Hospice House in Indianapolis

MS Mission Support Group

Memories to Hold

Moving Beyond

Palliative & Hospice Care

Spiritual Care



Helping Parents through the Pain of Losing a Child


communities on

important health-related issues. Gifts to Educate support everything from childhood-education initiatives to nursing-school scholarships. Your gifts teach people how to lead healthier lives; work to reduce childhood obesity; support higher education for nurses and clinical staff; support clinical pastoral care and more.


Creating Positive Relationships Program

Healthy Choices Fund

Healthy Living Center

High Fidelity Simulation Training Center

Nursing Excellence

Nursing Scholarships & Funds for Clinical Education

Physician Well-Being

St. Francis Center

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